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Gold And Silver - America's Wealth Preservation Duo

In the past eight years, the physical possession demand for gold and silver has risen substantially as masses of wise investors began seeking alternatives to floundering stocks and real estate investments. This higher demand has increased both precious metal's values by more than 300% since 2001 and growing. Several market analysts believe that we are currently in the middle of a precious metal cycle that may last another 10 years if the global economy continues contracting at its frightening rate. Fortunately, wise investors can take advantage of safe-haven metals before it's too late, because historically they increase in value when fiat currencies and mainstream investing markets experience difficulties. .




Jewelry Insurance & Documentation

What information should you receive when you order a jewelry appraisal? Are your positive that your jewelry is insured? Do some background reading on appraisals and lab certificates before you buy, and don't let your fine jewelry come home until you're sure it's covered in case of a loss.                   Download

Aquamarine exists in all shades of blue, but clear blue aquamarine is more valuable than versions with traces of other colors in them. White metal settings, like white gold and sterling silver, make aquamarines positively sparkle.

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